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The Wall Street Journal Asset copy.jpg
The Wall Street Journal
Associated Press

Performers with 

disabilities are often not seen for roles...

Variety Article Asset.jpg

A two page interview with Kurt Yaeger on acting, hurdles and...

ESPN Article asset.jpg

Kurt talks about reinventing himself after a horrific accident took...

The Guardian Asset.jpg
The Guardian

A open and honest conversation of the struggles finding a way...

People Article Asset.jpg

After booking four television shows, People magazine asks if he's...

Swagger Magazine Asset.jpg
Swagger Magazine

The Likeable Unlikely star speaks with us about his rise in the film and tv...

TV Insider Article Asset.jpg

Two real life friends discuss their roles in NCIS New Orleans as...

Casting Networks Asset copy.jpg
Casting Networks

Meet the Actor: Kurt Yaeger as he discusses his latest role on 

Ask Men Article Asset.jpg
Ask Men

The process of overcoming adversity with tenacity is a long

Black List Asset.jpg
The Black List

Kurt Yaeger wrote a screenplay that is now featured on the highly regarded site The Black... 

Profile On German Mag Asset.jpg
PromiFlash - German Mag

Kurt's been in many many more outlets all over the world. Google it! 

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